Chrissi & Robert

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


Cousins, Forts, and Fun

Eli and his cousin Gracie are BFF's.  They love to play together when they see each other in the summer and during breaks.  They will play for hours in Gracie's new pool.  Some of their favorite games are diving for toys in the pool, playing on Mimi and Pop-pop's playground, and making forts in the house.  The picture above is their recent fort.  They went on missions to rescue stuffed animals and had to avoid the watchful eyes of the dogs.  (The dogs were happy to not be the center of attention for a bit and enjoyed a long nap).  A cousin is definitely your first best friend!

Parent - Teacher Night

I think one of the scariest nights for both parents and teachers is the dreadful "Parent-Teacher Night."  Teachers can feel overwhelmed with the number of people asking for updates on their child.  Parents often think back to their experiences as a kid.   I was really grateful for Elliott's teacher who made the experience fun and personal.  He was our "waiter" and we "ordered" samples of his work through out the school year.  He was so cute in the whole process.  I was proud of his hard work and thankful that his teacher set up such a fun experience!


Elliott is our spunky son. He is in elementary school and his favorite subject is P.E. He loves to play baseball and soccer. He is also an avid Star Wars and super hero fan. You can also find him trying to beat his dad in Super Mario Brothers and Lego Batman. He has a great sense of humor and loves to be tickled.

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